"Catalogue 2020"

Olea Europaea

The privileged location of our nurseries allows us to offer our customers olive trees of any shape and size, as well as an unmatched quality.

Punica Granatum

A tree which cannot be missing from any garden is the pomegranate, which besides producing such a tasty fruit as the pomegranate, has a great visual attraction, both for the intense green of its leaves and for its very decorative flowers.


Palms such as Chamaerops Humilis, Trachycarpus Fortunei, Washingtonia Robusta are perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate.

Other Species

Fruit species such as pomegranate trees, fig trees... or simply ornamental species such as carob, Celtis Austrails, Quercus Illex, Cyca Revoluta....

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